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What is xeebo?

xeebo is an online portal with the aim to simplify the application process. New ways of digitization fundamentally change the recruitment process.

Applicants network with employers, manage their documents centrally in one place and apply directly through the xeebo portal. At the same time, applicants have the data control in their hands at all times.

For employers xeebo automates and simplifies the application process. The connection to an existing HR tool can be integrated. Employers advertise jobs, connect directly with applicants and use the xeebo portal to build a talent pool.

xeebo is the answer to digitization in the application process.

Who is xeebo?

xeebo ag is a Swiss startup company founded in 2017. More than 12 years of experience in the development of e-recruiting processes as well as consulting knowledge have made it possible to build an innovative, uncomplicated applicant portal and to support companies in the connection to company HR tools or to take over this task.

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